Photography is a field which has the most exciting aspect owing to the wide variety of jobs available in the market. These range from highly specialized, technical work to jobs that require creativity and Visual literacy. The growth of communication networks, advertising, media, fashion and the revolution of digital photography has increased the commercial value of the profession.


The program is beneficial to produce photographers that reflect on artistic aspects and develop competence in evaluating briefs with a critical eye to give the best professional result expected. This course is ideally suited for people who want to take up professional photography very seriously and want to start their work soon after completion of the course and have more time available for learning the subject as much as possible.

Fee Structure

2 Hours Daily

5 Days a Week

Saturday and Sunday





₹ 8,000/-

₹ 20,000/-

₹ 40,000/-

₹ 75,000/-

₹ 4,000/-

₹ 10,000/-

₹ 20,000/-

₹ 40,000/-