The acting course is beneficial to develop the skills and attributes needed to devise original creative work in the areas of theatres. Students regularly opt for successful careers in film, television, and theatre. This programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform as an actor to professional industry standards whether in TV, film, theatre or radio. The course helps to prepare you for professional life and the students learn about agents, casting directors and actors unions.


Acting involves a broad range of skills, including a well-developed imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivity, vocal projection, clarity of speech, and the ability to interpret drama. Acting also demands the ability to employ dialects, accents, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, and stage combat.

Subjects Of Study

  • Facial expression
  • Body language
  • Voice & Accent
  • Voice modulation
  • Diction
  • Dialogue delivery
  • Camera facing
  • Action
  • Fights
  • Dance
  • Yoga - Neutralization of Body & Mind
  • Observation
  • Research
  • Imagination
  • Fantasy
  • Rhythm / Tempo
  • Improvisation & Its Importance
  • Final Auditions & Recording
  • Shooting a Demo Show Reel

Fee Structure

2 Hours Daily

5 Days a Week

Saturday and Sunday





₹ 8,000/-

₹ 20,000/-

₹ 40,000/-

₹ 75,000/-

₹ 4,000/-

₹ 10,000/-

₹ 20,000/-

₹ 40,000/-