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Pioneers of Media, under One Roof

The entertainment industry has become the next driver of the Indian economy. Hence, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and other Govts. have gone all support to grow the industry, encouraging financial institutions to fund the making of entertainment products, extending 5 years tax relief to new Multiplexes so that they can mushroom all over.

It is well known that Film & TV serial making is an expensive and time-consuming venture, where time and money go hand to hand. That’s why Film Producers & Directors can’t afford to experiment with novices, instead, they prefer trained Artists & Models who know and understand the nuances of the business of Glamour World.


At FAME’s Film Acting Course, we have developed a powerful training course for the aspirants in order to guide them preferably to understand and learn of the basics of Acting, Modeling and related activities of the Show Business.


This is in order to develop the external personality and the hidden inner capabilities which everyone has & polish them in the related chosen field. Fame’s aim is to cooperate and permit the aspirant in the various fields and give a break to the deserving candidates in our sister concern RCVT’s HOME PRODUCTIONS like FILMS, TV Serials & COMMERCIAL ADS.

At FAME’s Film Acting Course, we will provide basic Theoretical training 25% with powerful Practical Training 75% for a quick update in the requisite fiend and to enter in this Glamour business.


  • To provide better Training for aspirant
  • To give the platform of trained Actors
  • To give finer points of the field of glamour
  • To develop the quality of personality